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Unprecedented high power of 550 W. Module efficiency up to 21.5%, operation even in partial shading.


Batteries with a capacity of 5.7 kWh, designed for 6000 cycles! More than 20 years of continuous work!


Design, supply and construction of solar power supply systems with further maintenance.
World-changing solutions Working together with international research centers, the RSC team of engineers and developers creates modern world-class products for the production and storage of electricity.
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MW of Energy Storage
Reliable and highly efficient with a high volume of stored energy
Energy Storage Projects
Successful and implemented
Well-established work
MW renewable energy sources and storage facilities
Optimized with the help of artificial intelligence
* Deployed, contracted, or assets under management.

Caring for nature

Eco-friendly and convenient. Modern solar panels contribute to the preservation of the natural balance and do not destroy the ozone layer.

Energy independence

The equipment is equipped with peak load compensation functionality and protection against external influences. Total rack capacity up to 91.2 kWh.

Our clients

We offer energy storage equipment based on cells with high capacity, reliability and durability.
Both deliveries of ready-made solutions and the development of projects according to the individual technical specifications are possible.

Our projects

Each project is individual as it was developed taking into account the features of the area, the task set by the customer, the budget, and the infrastructure. Check with the manager for detailed information about the progress of the project, features, opportunities and results.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant Replaces Fossil Energy in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s national energy commission

The Dominican Republic’s national energy commission (CNE) has authorized solar resource studies for a photovoltaic project in Santo Domingo province.